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Dip Hyp CS, DipPC, AdDipPC

Dip Hyp CS, DipPC, AdDipPC


What is Hypnotherapy?

This is a form of therapy that uses Hypnosis as an aid.

Put simply, it helps you to become aware of what is happening to you, inside you and between you and others.

The wide-ranging methods used in Hypnotherapy are powerful and often speedy in effect because they are attuned to the qualities and characteristics of the individual involved. You will find yourself feeling clearer, more hopeful, more decisive, more energetic and this will help your symptoms clear up.

Hypnotic states occur naturally in everyday life in the form of daydreaming, vivid remembering or anticipating the future. Therefore, Hypnosis is a natural way of accessing inner strengths and resources, changing unwanted habits and understanding problems.

Many stress-related physical problems such as skin disorders, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome, also respond well to Hypnotherapy.

What happens in a session?

A Hypnotherapy session usually lasts about 1 hour and is completely confidential. The first session may last up to 1½ hrs to allow for a detailed case history to be taken. The number of sessions required depends on the issue and, more crucially, your motivation.

The aim of the treatment is to help as quickly as possible for maximum effect. Sessions can be somewhere between 3 to 7 sessions and this is dependent of the rate of progress which is different for each individual. You will be encouraged to review your progress regularly in order to assess movement towards achieving your planned goals for therapy. However, the number of treatments vary with each patient and also depends on what they wish to work with.

Each session will be different for each person as everyone is individual. Some sessions may require more Psychotherapy, which is similar to counselling, although Psychotherapy aims to get to the root of the issue. Hypnotherapy is just one of many tools which may be used in the treatment.

Each session is assessed and adjusted according to your needs at the time of the session, in relation to the objectives you have set, these can be adjusted as progress is made. The role of the therapist to is provide a clear, safe, congruent environment to enable the client to explore his/her own issues without judgment or influence and to enable the client with the use of tools and facilitation from the therapist, to find his/her own solutions.

You will need to actively take part in your therapy. Homework may be set after each session, in order to maintain development in your own process. It is advised that you follow the homework given to you as this will allow treatment to help as quickly as possible and will also help with longer terms effects.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy has been known to be particularly useful in helping people to deal with:

I can help you change your life

• Pain Relief

• Panic attacks, phobias, insomnia

• Parenting and inner child work

• Past experiences

• Physical ailments and illnesses

• Pregnancy & Birthing

• Problems relating to food and body image

• Rape

• Relaxation

• Regression

• Relationships

• Self-beliefs

• Self-harm

• Self-hypnosis

• Smoking Cession

• Stress

• Suicide

• Trauma

• Unemployment

• Work place issues

• Addiction

• Anger

• Anxiety

• Attachment

• Bereavement and loss

• Body image

• Break unwanted habits

• Child Abuse

• Chronic Illness

• Clinical illnesses

• Depression or low moods

• Eating issues and weight management

• Emotional, Mental, Physical issues

• Increase performance & motivation

• Identity issues

• Infertility

• Lack of confidence and self esteem

• Miscarriage

• Narcissism