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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’, or in other words a conversation between a counsellor and a client.

There are times in our lives when there seems to be no way to overcome distressing events or overwhelming feelings – when our lives have become difficult or even intolerable. At such times of intense anxiety we are liable to make hasty decisions which we later regret, or accept advice from others with which we may not be in wholehearted agreement, and then have to live with the consequences. Counselling aims to help people clarify their own thoughts and reach their own decisions, and perhaps to make major life changes in their life.

Counselling is different from other kinds of help in that no attempt is made to tell you what to do. Essentially, the counsellor’s task is to bring a skilled and trained listening ear to your problems in order to help you to discover more about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses, values, beliefs and priorities – so that you can find your own solutions and carry out your own resolutions. It is a rewarding personal experience between people, and requires commitment of time and effort on both sides.

At times Counselling can be challenging, since it often involves talking about things we would prefer to push out of our minds in everyday life. Although challenging, it can also be a tremendous relief to air our half-buried ideas and feelings.