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                     Dip Hyp CS, DipPC, AdDipPC, KSp

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Counselling and Psychotherapy are often considered to be interchangeable therapies that overlap in a number of ways. Counselling, in specific situations, is offered as part of the psychotherapy process; whereas a counsellor may work with clients in a psychotherapeutic manner.

The key difference between the two courses of therapeutic communication treatment lies in the recommended time required to see benefits. Counselling usually refers to a brief treatment that centres around behaviour patterns. Psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for a longer-term and draws from insight into emotional problems and difficulties.


Helps people identify problems and crises and encourages them to take positive steps to resolve these issues.
It is the best course of therapeutic treatment for anyone who already has an understanding of wellbeing, and who is also able to resolve problems.
Counselling is a short-term process that encourages the change of behaviour.


Helps people with deeper routed psychological problems that have built up over the course of a long period of time.
It will help you understand your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly.
Psychotherapy is a longer-term process of treatment that identifies emotional issues and the background to problems and difficulties.

As an integrative therapist I combine the two therapies in order to help you to get the answers you need, and to give you the tools to move forward in your life.